How NBA star won ridiculous Jimmy Fallon challenge

Comedian and late night TV host Jimmy Fallon has revealed how NBA superstar Steph Curry pulled off a hilarious stunt during All-Star weekend.

Unbeknownst to the public, the Late Night host challenged Curry to sneak several ridiculous phrases into his press conferences.

Curry managed to pull off Fallon’s hilarious challenge. Pic: Getty

Fallon revealed the bit during Monday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

Curry was dared to try and sneak in the phrases “energizer bunny,” “flippin’ pancakes,” and “Wham Bam Can of Ham” two times each during his speaking engagements.

Not only did the Golden State Warriors star succeed with the absurd task, he did so without anyone seeming to notice.

The three-time NBA champion appeared to enjoy his experience with it all.

“Energizer bunny” and “flippin’ pancakes” seemed pretty easy for the two-time MVP to mix into his interviews, but “Wham Bam Can of Ham?” What even is that?

Fallon himself had high praise for the Warriors guard for not only agreeing to participate, but absolutely smashing the challenge.