Report: NBA to let teams sign replacement players for COVID-infected players amid wave of cases

The NBA is making it significantly easier, and in some cases a requirement, to bring in new players amid its largest wave of COVID-19 cases.

Per The Athletic's Shams Charania, the league will allow all teams to sign a replacement player for each player under contract that tests positive for COVID-19, effective immediately through Jan. 19. Teams will be required to sign a replacement player when they have two positive tests, with each additional test requiring an additional replacement player.

Those signings will not affect a team's salary cap or luxury tax calculations, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

The NBA is also reportedly removing the 50-game maximum for players on two-way contracts, allowing teams to use them as much as they want to fill out their roster.

COVID-19 still dominating NBA

The moves come the same day the NBA announced the postponement of five games this week as COVID-19 hits teams across the league, in addition to the two that have already been pushed back. As of Sunday afternoon, 71 players remain in the healthy and safety protocols, with several more having recently exited.

The run of COVID outbreaks has left many teams unable to field teams for games, something the NBA is likely trying to prevent as much as it can as players continue to test positive. A minimum of eight players are required for a team take the floor in the NBA.