NBA player props: Russell Westbrook's assists+rebounds prop total is huge, and he'll still probably hit it

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We probably shouldn't just take Russell Westbrook's nightly stat lines for granted. 

Westbrook has become so casual about posting triple-doubles that we gloss over it when he does. Oh Westbrook just posted 33-19-15 against the Pacers? That's nice.

With the NBA's play-in tournament starting on Tuesday, one of the league's best players takes center stage. If you posted Westbrook's player prop at BetMGM for rebounds+assists for any other player, it would seem silly. Is Westbrook really going to go over 26.5 assists+rebounds against the Boston Celtics? 

It seems reasonable, because he's Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook recently set the record for triple-doubles in a career and his ability to fill the stat sheet is phenomenal. The last time Westbrook didn't have double-digit assists or rebounds in a game was March 12. He has posted a triple-double in 28 of 36 games since then. 

He's on a different level. Of all the rebounds+assists props BetMGM posted for the Wizards-Celtics game on Tuesday, only Jayson Tatum had a double-digit total. His is 12.5, less than half of Westbrook. 

And yet, over 26.5 is kind of what Westbrook does. Westbrook has reached at least 26.5 rebounds+assists in six of his last eight games. The line of 26.5 is probably inflated given Westbrook's recent streak and bettors' preference to bet overs, but good luck taking the under. The Wizards play at the fastest pace in the league, Westbrook is playing out of his mind and this is a big game on a big stage. It wouldn't be too surprising to see Westbrook post 20 rebounds or 20 assists alone. Maybe he'll do both. 

The Wizards have been on a great against-the-spread run, and they're 2-point underdogs against a fading Celtics team. Adding a Westbrook rebounds+assists prop doesn't seem like too bad of an idea for Tuesday night. Then enjoy the show. 

Can Washington Wizards' Russell Westbrook post another triple-double? (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)
Can Washington Wizards' Russell Westbrook post another triple-double? (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

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