'Legitimately angry': NBA Dunk Contest judges hammered after wild display

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

The 2020 NBA Dunk Contest ended as so many dunk contests before it had - with a controversy over the judging.

Miami Heat forward Derrick Jones Jr. was judged the winner after a thrilling back and forth with the Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon, but many felt the latter was robbed, after putting up five 50-point dunks, only to lose on his final attempt.

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Jones Jr. and Gordon traded athletic dunks before the final round, where the Heat star’s windmill dunk from just inside the free throw line was enough to topple Gordon.

The consensus among NBA fans however, what that Gordon had been robbed.

In answer to Jones Jr.’s earlier effort, Gordon summoned Boston Celtics rookie Tacko Fall from the crowd.

Orlando Magic star Aaron Gordon jumped over 226cm giant Tacko Fall for his final attempt in the 2020 NBA Dunk Contest - but still didn't win. (Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Fall, who stands at a whopping 7’5 (226cm) was just a spectator, before Gordon beckoned him to hold a ball just behind his head.

The Magic forward jumped clean over Fall and slamming the ball home - dangling off the rim in celebration.

Most fans in the building and online thought it was over - Gordon hadn’t scored any less than 50 for any of his previous attempts, and the expectation was his leap over Fall was deserving of a similar score.

But it was not to be - the judges awarded Gordon a 47, one shy of Jones Jr.’s 48.

Cue the eruption on Twitter.

Luckily for the NBA, Gordon took his loss in stride - although the 24-year-old joked about wanting to find which judges gave his dunk over Fall a 9, before declaring his days of entering the contest were over.

Gordon was earlier a participant in the 2016 contest, which boasted a similar back and forth between himself and Zach LaVine, which many also believed the Magic star should have won.

“It’s a wrap, bro,” Gordon said.

“I feel like I should have two trophies.

“I did 5 straight 50s. That should be a wrap, it’s over. Who’s running the show?”