Napoli fans left red-faced after Edinson Cavani transfer rumours went wild

The transfer window and rumours are a match made in heaven.

Football fans are used to their clubs being linked with a plethora of players during transfer windows and take plenty of them with a pinch of salt.

Not Napoli fans, though – they appear to have taken every rumour literally.

Napoli fans were left red-faced after Edinson Cavani rumours went wild. Pic: @Spazio_Napoli | Getty

Edinson Cavani made his mark on Europe during his three-year spell at Napoli, scoring 78 goals in just 104 games between 2010 and 2013.

He was then sold to Paris St Germain and his record is just as impressive there: 116 goals in 165 games.

And this morning, there was a rumour in Italy that he was set for a stunning return to Naples and would be returning to the city for a medical today.

Rather than dismiss this as just another rumour, a group of Napoli fans believed it straight away and decided to gather at the airport to welcome Cavani back.

The main problem being he was not travelling to Naples, no deal had been agreed and they ended up looking a little silly, with only a fan dressed in a mask to show for it.

Still, only the Premier League window shuts overnight and Serie A and Ligue 1 clubs have plenty of time to do their business, so you never know, Napoli fans may get their wish.

Matt Storey – Yahoo Sports UK