Nadal's sad injury concern at the Australian Open

Spaniard leaves court for treatment during second round match (Source: Channel Nine)

Video transcript

- He's got problems, Todd, and they're real.

- And it's not an area I think, Jim, that you can just sort of shake something out or it's easy to strap. And nor is it easy to recover in that particular s space.

- OK, in the silver lining department, where they're poking and prodding him is not where I believe he had the problems at Wimbledon, which was in lower abdominal. He had the tear in the lower abdomen that took him out of that tournament and really slowed his progress the rest of the way. That-- that's more the hip flexor area you were talking about.

- Yeah, hip flexor, groin, around the hip itself. But you rely on that so much with moving, landing, with serve, that first step after.

- They're going to go take a closer look at him in the private rooms, which are just off the court.