Mystery of space-like object in Jersey revealed

Space sculpture at Les Platons
The spaceship-like object surrouded by tape saying "caution" appeared overnight

A mysterious metal object has been discovered by people in Jersey walking along the north coast.

The space descent module sculpture at Les Platons, with a parachute attached, is also surrounded by yellow tape saying "caution".

Rachel Ara, a Jersey-born data and conceptual artist, set up the display on Tuesday evening as part of an exhibition with ArtHouse Jersey.

The exhibition, No Place Like Home, is exploring the concept of "home", debuting works shown in and outside of a gallery space.

Artist Rachel Ara
Artist Rachel Ara said her sculpture had already attracted many visitors

Ms Ara said not announcing the sculpture's arrival made it more exciting.

She said: "This creates a bit more interest.

"I mean, I didn't see it as a sculpture, per se; it was really meant to be more of an event.

"It just creates a bit more excitement and people are asking about how it's constructed, why it's here.

"I like questions. Art should be about making people talk and ask questions."

Space sculpture at Les Platons
The space descent module sculpture is part of an ArtHouse Jersey exhibition

Ms Ara said so far police, the honorary police and the general public had ben drawn by the mystery behind the sculpture.

"It's mad, it's so Jersey ... but that's great because it brings a community together and having people talking about it."

The exhibition will take place from Wednesday 6 September to Sunday 15 October, featuring 23 gallery-based artworks and three external installation pieces.

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