'No longer safe': Insider claims MKR will be axed after all-time ratings low

My Kitchen Rules new format The Rivals
A new format of MKR was introduced this season. Photo: Instagram/My Kitchen Rules

Things are going from bad to worse for My Kitchen Rules after it was revealed that the embattled reality cooking program is being dropped from its Sunday night slot for a second week running.

The Channel Seven show has hit an all-time ratings low with insiders claiming it could spell the end of MKR ‘for good’.

My Kitchen Rules ratings are down 45 per cent year-on-year in the five-city metro markets, which is a “major disappointment” for the network, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Viewers seem to be consistently choosing Married At First Sight on Channel 9, and Australian Survivor: All Stars on Channel 10 instead, and after being bumped from last Sunday for the Fire Fight Australia concert, it has now been ditched from the schedule for a second time.

MKR sisters win cooking challenge
This season of MKR has been a flop. Photo: Channel Seven

Seven will instead air a special documentary called Koala Rescue, in the wake of the recent bushfires, which leaves MKR with only three episodes this week, TV Blackbox reports.

A network insider told Woman's Day this week that MKR is no longer safe.

“There are people in power pushing to end the show for good,” they said.

Media analyst Steve Allen however claimed the series will not be taken off air, it was just a matter of bad programming.

Without the competition of MAFS on Thursday night, MKR lifted to an audience of 516,000 -up from 422,000 the night before.

“This season is largely ruined though,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“This is going to be a series that will be the worst in the ratings history of My Kitchen Rules. (But) they are not going to take it off air.”

Fans take to social media to share MKR disappointment

Fans have taken to the My Kitchen Rules Instagram account to share their disappointment at the new format of the cooking show, with some likening it to Big Brother.

“Was so much better when they did the home town cooks and every team voted individually as it actually felt like a COOKING show... It’s turned into MAFS/Big Brother somehow,” one person wrote.

“Why would you people change a great show to this shit. I even gave it another go last night but it was so tragic I turned it off,” another added.

While a third agreed, asking: “The judges, why don't they step in and stop the drama?”

Manu Fiedel, Pete Evans and Collin MKR judges
Manu, Pete, and Collin haven't won any new fans with MKR: The Rivals. Photo: Channel Seven

MKR judge blames dire ratings on network

MKR judge Colin Fassnidge on the other hand has placed the blame for the program’s dire ratings squarely on the shoulders of Channel Seven.

The Irish-born chef pulled no punches while chatting with 2GB’s Chris Smith last week, admitting that while this season is the ‘best ever’ it’s been sabotaged by Seven’s programming choices.

“This year was the best one we’ve done but not everyone’s watching it, at the moment, cause we’ve got some people in Channel 7 who don’t know how to program a show,” he said.

“But what do I know? I’m only a cook!” he laughed.

Collin went on to roast his home network for their ‘stupid decision’ to pit MKR against ratings juggernauts Married At First Sight and the Australian Open.

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