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If you’re heading to a music festival this year, you’re probably already brainstorming your Instagram-worthy look. And nowadays the experience is more than just the music and performers – it’s also about trying out new beauty and style trends. In this installment of Pretty Beautiful, beauty and style expert Lisa Azcona shows us three different ways to style your hair for a music festival. These three hair hacks are perfect for long hair, plus easy to achieve at home.

Hair Hack 1: Sparkly Bubble Braids

For this hair hack, you’ll need only tinsel clip-ins and small hair elastics. First, create a center part and separate your hair in two. Section a thin layer of hair from the top of your head and temporarily hold it with a hair clip. This layer of hair will hide the clip-in extensions. Start clipping in the extensions on both sides of your head. Once you’re done, release the top layer from the hair clip.

hair hacks
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Next, create bubble braids by tying small hair elastics down a pig tail, making sure the elastics are equally distanced from each other. Gently spread the hair in each small section to create a bubble effect.

You can pull two strands from the front and curl them for a cute finish.

Hair Hack 2: Embellished Braids

Create three small braids on each side of your head, and tie them at the end with small elastics. Decorate the braids with small hair cuffs.

hair hacks
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“These braided hairstyles and hair ornaments can be traced back centuries ago to West African cultures,” Lisa says. “They carry so much history with them. They were actually used to identify rank, marital status, religion and even age.”

Hair Hack 3: Crimped Gemstones

For this style, you’ll need a hair blinger and a set of gems. Start by making sure your hair is parted down the middle, then section off the front of your hair. Hold up the rest of your hair temporarily with a hair clip.

hair hacks
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Then, tie the front section of your hair at the back with an elastic band and release the section you temporarily held with a clip. Decorate the front section of your hair with the gems, and crimp the rest of your hair with an iron. Use the blinger to decorate the crimped hair with more gems.

If you learn better from videos, watch the latest episode of Pretty Beautiful below. You can follow along as Lisa guides you through all three hair hacks for your perfect festival look.

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