Multiple Tornadoes Reported South of Oklahoma City

Multiple areas of rotation were detected south of Oklahoma City on May 11, with one spectacular rope tornado seen by storm chasers touching down in Cole.

Footage by storm chaser Dwayne Scales shows the evolution of the tornado, with a funnel cloud seen forming and approaching the ground.

Scales told Storyful that the tornado crossed no more than 100 yards in front of him.

“We got a decent look at it while there,” he said.

Other storm chasers in the area documented the tornado, while The Oklahoman said a line of storms produced several tornadoes “south and west of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.” Power outages and some damage were reported. Credit: Dwayne Scales via Storyful

Video transcript


- Very, very, very dark.

- [INAUDIBLE], I can't see anything.

- Right in front of us.

- Oh, wait, there it is right there.

- Oh yeah. I see it.

- There it is again. It's touching down again.

- Oh, it's fully condensated now. Wow. Wow. [MUTED] holy [MUTED]

- Video or--

- No, I got all. I lost it.

Keep coming. Keep coming.


- Tornado on the ground. Tornado on the ground. Stovepipe tornado on the ground, headed towards us.

- Hold on. Can you move?

- Yeah, I'm sorry.