MUBI: our pick of the best films coming in September, from Bound to The House of Mirth

Rotting in the Sun (2023) (MUBI / Handout)
Rotting in the Sun (2023) (MUBI / Handout)

There’s no doubt that MUBI has carved out a niche spot for itself in the ever-competitive streaming marketplace. There really are few better places online to hunt down exquisite arthouse and independent films – and its collection ranges from old favourites such as Argento’s 1977 horror Suspiria, to newer releases such as Alice Diop’s Saint Omer.

In September, another selection of exciting films is being released on the site. From Nineties erotic thrillers, to meta-comedies, here’s our pick of the best films coming to MUBI this month – and, even better, Evening Standard readers can get 30 days of MUBI free.

The House of Mirth - September 3

MUBI is spotlighting British screenwriter Terrence Davies this month, releasing Distant Voices, Still Lives and The House of Mirth on the site on September 3. His best-known work, Of Time and The City, is already currently available on the streamer, but we’ve picked out The House of Mirth (2000) as our favourite of Davies’ extraordinary films on MUBI. An adaptation of Edith Wharton’s 1905 novel of the same name, Gillian Anderson stars as Lily Bart, a beautiful but penniless socialite who is trying to find a husband.

The Chambermaid Lynn – September 7

Vicky Krieps has featured in some wonderful films over the years, but it was after her recent turn in Marie Kreutzer’s 2022 period drama, Corsage, that brought her to a wider audience. With several films starring the Luxembourgish-German actor already on the streamer, including Mia Hansen-Løve’s Bergman Island (2021) and Mathieu Amalric’s Hold Me Tight (2021) next up fans of Krieps will be able to see her in The Chambermaid Lynn, an adaptation of Markus Orths’ novel from German filmmaker about a maid who ends up watching a dominatrix session.

Bound – September 8

Next up, MUBI is releasing three erotic thrillers on September 8: Lily and Lana Wachowski’s Bound, Brian De Palma’s Passion and Adrian Lyne’s Unfaithful. Bound is our pick of the bunch: often heralded as one of the best erotic thrillers ever made, and praised for its accuracy in depicting lesbian relationships on screen, Bound follows the passionate sexual relationship between Violet (Jennifer Tilly) and Corky (Gina Gershon) which is complicated by the fact that Violet is dating a violent gangster.

Rotting in the Sun – September 15

Chilean director Sebastián Silva has produced some lovely films, including Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus, which starred Michael Cera as a self-absorbed American traveller in Chile, and Nasty Baby, which starred Kristen Wiig and followed a gay couple’s efforts to conceive a child. Next up is Rotting in the Sun, a meta-comedy about filmmaking in which Silva stars as himself. Having gone to a gay beach town for a holiday he ends up meeting Instagram influencer Jordan Firstman and the two creatives decide to work together.

The Cowboy and the Frenchman – September 20

David Lynch’s 1988 short, The Cowboy and the Frenchman, was made for the French programme The French as Seen by... where Lynch was selected as one of five directors (alongside Werner Herzog, Andrzej Wajda, Luigi Comencini, and Jean-Luc Godard) to make a short film. A slapstick Western, the film follows three cowboys who capture a Frenchman. Once he starts introducing himself and showing them elements of his culture, the motley gang end up spending an evening together.