He is destroying MotoGP – Rossi scathing of Marquez's antics

Yamaha star Valentino Rossi hit out at Marc Marquez for his dangerous riding at the Argentine Grand Prix, criticising the reigning MotoGP for "destroying our sport".

He is destroying MotoGP – Rossi scathing of Marquez's antics (clone 39776204)

He is destroying MotoGP – Rossi scathing of Marquez's antics (clone 39776204)

Rossi was left enraged when he was knocked off his bike by Marquez, who was turned away from the Yamaha garage after trying to apologise to the seven-time world champion following an action-packed race on Sunday.

Cal Crutchlow reigned supreme in Argentina, however, the GP was overshadowed by the antics of defending champion Marquez.

After being hit with a ride-through penalty for delaying the start as he dropped down to 19th position, Marquez was then forced to drop down a place having run into the back of Alexis Espargaro.

Rossi did not hold back when discussing the attitude of Marquez. Pic: Getty

The drama was not done, however, after Marquez received a 30-second penalty for hitting Rossi, who was forced off the circuit as he gestured towards the Spaniard.

Speaking to the media afterwards, Rossi – who finished 19th behind Marquez – was scathing of his Honda rival.

"I'm OK, but this is a very bad situation. If you take what happened this weekend as an example, one incident can happen to anybody, you can make a mistake in braking, you can touch the other guy. It can happen, it's racing," the Italian veteran said.

"But from Friday morning on, Marquez did this to [Maverick] Vinales, to [Andrea] Dovizioso, to me, and on Saturday morning, and today he went straight through four riders.

"If you start to race like this, you raise the level to a very dangerous point. If all the riders race like this, this will become a very dangerous sport and it will finish in a bad way.

Rossi ended up in the mud and off his bike after Marquez's dangerous move. Pic: Getty

"It's a very dangerous situation and I hope that what I said to Race Director Mike Webb makes them take more responsibility, they have to do something.

"I'm scared on the track when I'm with Marquez. I was scared today when I saw his name on the board. I'm not Race Direction – they will decide – but like this he is destroying our sport, because when you do 300km an hour on the track, you have to have respect for your rivals."

He didn't stop there, saying MotoGP had a responsibility to act on his aggressive driving

“Because he do (it) purposely. It is not a mistake. Because he points the leg, between the leg and the bike, because he knows he don’t crash but you crash — he hopes that you crash.

“So if you start to play like this, you raise the level to a very dangerous point. Because if all the riders race like this, without any respect for the rivals ... this is a very dangerous sport and (it) will finish in a bad way.

“(MotoGP race direction) have a big responsibility. They have to do something (so) that Marquez doesn’t behave more like this.

“This year at the first corner in Qatar he touch the leg of (Johann) Zarco and go to Dovizioso. Here with Vinales, today with me.

“He enter in the corner 20km/h faster, no way to do the corner. Just because he come to me, purposely, between the bike and the leg, because he want to try that I crash.

“He go into Aleix Espargaro at 200km/h. If you touch the handlebar, you crash, you go in the wall.

“Why we have to race like this? We are MotoGP and we are the top of motorcycle racing.

“If everybody start to behave like this, it’s like a destruction derby.”

Marquez did try to apologise to Rossi and his team after the race, striding down to their garage.

Rossi was not there at the time but his team wanted nothing to do with the apology.

“It was a joke. It was PR,” Rossi said.

“First of all, he doesn’t have the balls to come to my office alone.

“He come, like always, with his manager, with Honda, in front of all the cameras because what is important for him is this; he don’t care about you, he don’t care.

“I don’t want to speak with him. I don’t want to see him close to me because I know it’s not true what he say to me.”

This is another chapter in the long-running feud between the two greats of the sport.

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