Dutch win World Solar Challenge

Nuon team's Nuna 9 car has taken victory in the race from Darwin to Adelaide for solar-powered cars.

The team from the Netherlands crossed the finish line in Adelaide just before 4pm on Thursday, clinching a seventh victory in the World Solar Challenge with engineer Marten Arthens describing it as the "best feeling ever".

"We're going to celebrate but first I'm going to take a shower. I haven't done that a week.

"But after that we're going to go and drink some beers."

Nuon's victory was the seventh for the team as the challenge celebrated 30 years since the first race in 1987.

It's car averaged more than 80km/h for the 3000 km journey from Darwin, scoring a clear victory ahead of an international field.

The team from the University of Michigan is currently running second ahead of Punch Powertrain from Belgium, Tokai University from Japan and Solar Team Twente from the Netherlands.

The leading Australian car, Red Swift from Western Sydney University, is currently in sixth place but still has several hundred kilometres to cover.