Motherwell: Stuart Kettlewell says dad 'not going back' to a game until VAR changes

Motherwell manager Stuart Kettlewell
Stuart Kettlewell has not been pleased with some VAR decisions

Motherwell manager Stuart Kettlewell says VAR has even driven his own father away from attending football matches.

The Premiership club wrote to the Scottish FA after their league defeat by Aberdeen last weekend, seeking clarification over the handball rule.

It was just one of a number of video assisted decisions that have raised debate among fans, players and clubs.

"I think the people we've forgotten about here are the supporters," Kettlwell told BBC Sportsound.

"I had a small one with my father, who phones me every Sunday after a game of football. Thirty-two years he's followed me from grassroots football to player, coach, manager, he would always come and watch the games.

"He phoned me on Sunday morning and said 'I'm not going back to a Premiership game until there's some form of change. That's obviously close to me, personal to me."

It was announced last week that Scotland's head of referees Crawford Allan is to leave his post at the end of the season as the Scottish FA conducts a review of the role in light of ongoing VAR controversies.

"He's just fed up with it," Kettlewell said of his own father. "He's a football enthusiast, he loves it and watches it at all levels, but he's fed up of this idea of scoring a goal and the emotion not being there and we come back and look at it for five minutes, dissect it, find something in it and I think that's the feeling of the general football supporter in this country.

"Do you know what? We are really passionate about the game in this country and we're well followed and well backed. But there's other people, outwith my father, who have a similar feeling and thought process."