Here Are The Most Awkward Moments From The "Love Is Blind" Season 6 Reunion

1. Sarah Ann walked in and shamelessly kissed Jeramey in front of everyone, including Laura.

Netflix / Twitter: @jessbffr

2. They also refused to clap for Laura when she was introduced.

Sarah Ann and Jeramey on a couch with captions: "Should we clap?" and "No"

3. Chelsea said Jeramey and Sarah Ann aren't as stable as they look, as she exposed them for constantly breaking up with each other.

Chelsea with the caption, "Every time I see them, they're broken up"

4. Jessica jumped in and started fighting with Sarah Ann, accusing her of being a "pick-me girl."


5. Trevor became this GIF personified after Nick and Vanessa Lachey read texts he sent his alleged girlfriend while shooting Love Is Blind.

A woman in court freezing with a surprised expression

6. Clay poured out his heart to AD and said he'd made a mistake by not choosing her at the altar, but she said he'd missed his chance.

Closeup of AD on "Love Is Blind"

7. AD revealed she'd gone back to date Matthew as Clay was sitting there.

Clay and AD on "Love Is Blind"

8. Nick and Vanessa released the footage confirming Matthew had told Amber and AD the same things in the pods.

Matthew in glasses and casual attire sitting on floor in the pods

9. Bean dip kept being mentioned.

Man in distress beside woman in pink blazer on The Bachelor

10. Jessica angrily confronted Jimmy for lying about their last pod interaction. He said she stormed out after 10 minutes when, in reality, it was over two hours.

Screenshot from "Love Is Blind"

11. Lastly, Chelsea was stuck sitting between them as they shouted and bickered back and forth.

TV show cast seated for a reunion special on a stage set with a host standing center

What are some other awkward moments that you noticed during the reunion? Tell me in the comments below.