'Recipe for disaster': Racing meet planned during heatwave savaged

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

The Twilight Races at Morphettville will proceed as planned this Friday, despite temperatures predicted to soar well about 40 degrees and heavy criticism from anti-horse racing bodies.

The Friday races, which moved from a day meet to a twilight meet, has come under fire from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.

The group has argued the excessive temperatures, even in the evening, poses an unacceptable health risk for horses.

“Horses are already being pushed well beyond their limits, with one killed on the racetrack every three days," Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses spokesperson Kristin Leigh told 7News’ Emily Olle.

“Add high temperatures and predicted climbing humidity at the time the race meet starts and this is a recipe for disaster.

A planned meet at Morphettville this week, in the midst of a brutal heatwave, has been slammed by anti-racing advocates, who fear for the horses' health in the heat. (Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)

"The race should be cancelled immediately."

Thoroughbred Racing South Australia disagreed with the Coalition’s warning, arguing preventative measure they had taken would be more than suitable for racing to proceed as planned.

These measures included more time between races, more veterinarians at the track, water misters and the later start time would mitigate risks posed to horses from the heat.

Racing presenter suffers awkward on-air moment

Beware the dangers of live television - there are pranksters at every turn.

This was a lesson a presenter on an Irish racing broadcaster unfortunately learned the hard way - although she took the joke in great spirits.

After a viewer contacted the show to ask about the prospects of a horse in an upcoming race, but there was a catch - the horse didn’t exist.

When the presenter sought to give the viewer the odds for ‘Norfolk-in-Chance’, she quickly realised she’d been had.

“I'm reading this out because we are going to Kempton, what does the team make of the chance of Norfolk-In-Chance in the 6.40 tonight? Where is Norfolk-In-Chance?” she asked, before coming to a realisation.

“Haddaf the 4/1 favourite. I've been absolutely done up here.

“That is so bad, I'm ashamed of myself.”