'The more they boo, the stronger we'll get' - Clement

Philippe Clement insists his Rangers team will relish the hostile atmosphere of Celtic Park with no away fans in attendance.

The Ibrox side travel to their title rivals knowing a defeat would leave their chances of winning the league on the brink.

But Clement says he has no doubt his players can rise to the occasion and deal with the pressure from the home crowd.

"I'm really confident about that, I have no doubt about that," the Belgian manager said.

"If you want to be a player here or in this town, it's the case when you're on that pitch, I know that from the past when I was there on the pitch as a player.

"The more people boo at you, the more people are shouting at you, the more people are negative towards you, the more they are afraid that their team don't get the result, it works that way.

"So in a way, I think the more boos tomorrow, the stronger my team is going to get.

"I don't think I need to put belief in my team this week. I feel belief in my team.

"I feel they're hungry, they have desire to show themselves as a team, not as an individual.

"Yes, we had some bumps on the road, but they've been really consistent overall in these months in the results.

"We're really close by showing our level to close this gap of seven points, nobody expected [this] seven months ago."