Moonchild Daily Horoscope – 23 August 2023

Mercury is now going backwards in the part of your chart connected to communication, your brothers and sisters, your neighbourhood and quick trips. When Mercury goes backwards here you can expect to be doing some rethinking and reconsidering re one of these subjects – for example, you might be sorting things out with a sibling or having take back something you said. There could also be confusion in one of these areas, so don’t panic. If you haven’t backed up your computer files or your digital photos in a while, this is an ideal time to do it. Remember, Mercury is the trickster of the zodiac, so if you do back them up, chances are you won’t lose them – but if you don’t…! This cycle is actually strong for you as you have the Planet Of Communications going backwards in your House Of Communications so it’s what you would call a double whammy. Missed phone calls, emails and texts accidentally sent to the wrong person and botched rendez vous are possible. But there is also the chance to rethink a Very Important Issue in your life. If you’re signing an agreement, be SURE both parties are on the same page. The key with Mercury retrograde is always to let the cycle unfold without making any major decisions, if you can. Mercury retrograde usually leads to more information being sent your way so it’s best to way and see what transpires before you act.
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