'Montgomery has to go'

Your Views

We asked you whether Nick Montgomery should stay or go after Hibs fell to a deflating 4-0 defeat at home to Aberdeen.

Here's what some of you had to say:

Martin: He’s got to go. Montgomery isn't the man to lead us forward.

Scott: Montgomery and ALL the backroom staff - get rid. Three or four players for keeping the rest - get rid. If things don't radically change, we should rename the club Hibernian Apathy FC.

John: Nobody with any sense expected Montgomery to take last year's squad and be fighting for 3rd place, but fans expect to see progress. We are a worse now than in his first few weeks and that's simply not good enough. Hibs need to stop sacking managers, but the best way to do that is by hiring a good one, not by keeping a nice guy who's out of his depth.

Kenny: Embarrassing. Looks to me that Montgomery has lost the dressing room. The fans also voted with their feet as the stadium was half empty. Our best players will head for the exit door if the chairman doesn’t act now. Bring in Neil Lennon and hopefully get a team sorted for next season.

David: It's over to the owners now. They stated results must improve. They haven't. Montgomery is out his depth & has been for months. We are miles off the team Lee Johnston had at the same point last term winning eight points in the top six & almost clinching fourth. It's unthinkable that he's in the dugout on Wednesday.

John: Worst display of the season - £32 for that rubbish. Every player should be released or put up for sale. Definitely need a complete clear out and no more loan signings.

Stephen: Montgomery needs to go unfortunately, along with quite a few players too. This has been by far the worst season I've witnessed and this investment needs to drastically improve the team for next season. Otherwise, we will continue to be a laughing stock.

Roger: The problems are obviously at board level. It needs someone who has the club’s best interests at heart and the financial muscle to take over. Latest result nothing short of embarrassing.

Gordon: Go now Monty. And take the board and recruitment staff with you. The Gordons are absolutely killing my club.

Stewart: Manager needs time. The players lacking need to have look at themselves. The defence is nowhere near good enough all season.

Aldo: That was a total embarrassment and completely unacceptable. I was 50/50 on Monty as I’m sick of the chopping and changing of managers but he’s completely out his depth and has to go. What a mess we’re in. So easy to play against, and totally lacking in spirit.