Mom turns discount felt pieces into an adorable pancake craft for kids

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This TikTok parent’s clever DIY felt pancakes are a crafting game changer!

TikToker Lindsey Barton (@lindsandwren) is a parent who frequently posts clips featuring DIY projects and crafts as well as “toys, tips, and Target trips.” In one of her videos, the crafty mom shared a clever and easy tutorial for making DIY felt pancakes!

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In the clip, Barton demonstrates how a trip to the local arts and crafts store can reap big rewards in the DIY department. Barton and her daughter journeyed to their local craft store and headed straight for the felt section. 

All the felt squares were 50% off in an amazing stroke of luck, so they picked an assortment of colors perfect for cooking pancakes and toppings. All that and a bag of pom-poms only cost Barton $3.74. 

This pancake recipe is made from scratch. During the crafting/”cooking” process, Barton used a bowl to trace two perfect circles on a square of beige felt to make the pancakes. After cutting out the pancakes, she snipped the rest of the toppings using the other felt colors. 

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A deep violet color cut into rounded shapes with wavy edges forms a delicious maple syrup glaze. The whipped cream is made from white felt cut into curved triangles, and the chocolate chips are made by cutting brown felt into small tear shapes. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Red oblong felt shapes are used to make strawberries, while small blue circles form fresh blueberries. Last but not least, the butter is made of light yellow felt squares, and colorful pom-poms make for some tasty-looking sprinkles.  

Viewers fell in love with the simple and super fun craft. 

“I got all the supplies, can’t wait to do this! I’m a nanny and always looking for ideas!! Thank you,” said one grateful caregiver.

“Need to get all the felt now,” one user declared. 

There are many benefits to crafts and DIY activities. Using art materials helps young children develop their fine motor skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills while saving you money in the process!

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