Mom stirs controversy with ‘insane’ attempt to change child’s legal name: ‘[She’s] being irrational’

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A teenager is upset with her mother because she is forcing her to change her name because of numerology

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her mom recently became a certified numerologist. Numerology is the study of the divine or mystical relationship between numbers and life. The mother now wants her daughter to change her name based on the principles of numerology, under the belief that it would improve her life.

“She believes in it, while I personally don’t because it’s never been proven to work,” the Reddit poster said. “She’s taken a few classes and is now a certified numerologist. Now, she’s making everyone in my family wear random bracelets, wear specific colors and such to ‘balance our chakras’ and ‘bring in good vibrations’. I didn’t have a problem with this because it isn’t that big a deal. But now she’s making me change my name and personality so that it fits her idea of what a good person should be according to numerology.” 

When her mother wanted to make the name changes official, the Reddit poster became fed up. 

“She wants me to write this new name multiple times a day and change it on official records and that’s too much of a hassle,” the Reddit poster explained. “Being so annoyed and fed up with it, I told her politely that I wouldn’t do all this because I don’t believe in it. She threw a big fit saying I was never going to graduate with good grades, get into uni or get a job because I didn’t change my name and ultimately struggle so much in life that I wasn’t going to go anywhere. Obviously, I was very upset when she said my life would be a failure and so I went to my room and kind of distanced myself from her. She then threw another tantrum saying I never listen to anything she has to suggest and saying this is going to make my life better.” 

Reddit users thought the mom was being inappropriate. 

“It would be equally insane if it were simple and free,” a user said of the cost to change legal documents. 

“Your mom’s being irrational,” another wrote

“It’s nice that she cares so much and wants you to have a good life but you obviously don’t need to change your name for that to happen,” someone said

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