Mom shares TikTok of what house looks like when she’s not home for 11 days—and yikes

One mom’s husband seems to be in hot water with TikTok users, and it’s all because of the mess he left for her at home after she took an 11-day vacation. TikToker Kian shared a clip of her arrival home after some time away, opening the door to an extreme level of clutter and mess in every square inch of the space. Many commenters leapt to the defense of the mom in question and pointed out the disparity between when dads go away vs. when moms do.

“Returning home after my 11-day vacation,” she captioned the video, which garnered 3.3 million views and 21,000 comments in a matter of days. “At least he kept the kids alive


.” But commenters didn’t quite find the situation funny, arguing that Kian’s husband displayed a lack of respect for her by leaving their house in a state of disarray.

“That disrespect is wiiiiiild,” wrote one person, with another adding, “the way I’d immediately file for divorce.”

The comments were unanimously in agreement that her husband was in the wrong for leaving such a mess, while others argued that it felt like a form of punishment for her leaving. “That man does not respect you,” wrote one person, adding, “you deserve so much better.”

“I’m sorry. What? Seems like he was punishing you for leaving,” wrote another. Even fellow husbands agree that his treatment of her is not okay. “I showed my husband this and said ‘This is 100% grounds for divorce unless you were fighting off an intruder,’” shared one commenter.

Others agreed that Kian should have left and not returned until he cleaned the mess up. “My vacation would suddenly be extended until this was all cleaned,” wrote one person. “I’d walk right back out and tell him to clean,” agreed another. “I’d stay at a hotel on his dime until it was clean,” added yet another.

Plenty pointed out the low bar that men consistently manage not to clear as partners and parents, with many hoping that Kian is treated with the respect she deserves. “For reference, I came back from a week-long work trip to a clean house, flowers on the table, and cards made by our kids. If he wanted to, he would,” shared one person. “My husband can handle kids and cleaning why is the bar so low for dads I don’t get it,” wrote another. “Even if it looked like this the whole time I was gone, my husband would have it cleaned up before I got home. This is wild,” said another user.

Here’s hoping Kian’s husband did clean the mess up and that this instance was an anomaly… or that he had a really solid excuse for leaving the house in such a disaster zone.

All moms deserve time away and the peace of mind to know they’ll come home to a tidy space when they return. Partners simply must do better than this.