Mom sends hilarious message to ‘son’s future spouse’: ‘You probably need help’

Parents don’t get to pick their children. It’s almost like their kids choose them.

Everyone wants a child who is always a perfect angel, but unfortunately, most get stuck with a regular human — as lovable as they are imperfect. One hilarious mom on TikTok @_mamaq_ absolutely roasted her son’s personality when she got fed up with him. As for anyone who doesn’t get the joke, she said she is saving a “trophy for the perfect parents who have kids that have never acted like kids.”

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“This is a message for my son’s future spouse,” the mom said. “He is a middle child, he is a Gemini, his name starts with ‘J,’ and he’s toxic. Um, I’m sorry, that was bad, horrible planning on my part.”

“You probably need help, and I did all I could, and he has bullied me for however many years. So it’s your turn now. But I do — I love you.”

The hilarious video received over 2.9 million views on TikTok.

Jordyn Woods says her Instagram isn’t real life:

“J name Gemini here. Feeling a little personally victimized by Regina George,” a user joked.

“I’m a teacher and can confirm J names are a different species,” another said.

“You should have stopped at Gemini. That’s enough alone,” someone wrote.

“She really said I’m trying, but the odds are against me,” a person added.

“Not my husband John being a middle child and a Gemini,” a TikToker replied.

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