Mom’s pumpkin hack is the secret to affordable Halloween decorations

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Decorating for Halloween is always fun. You can get festive, show off your spookier side and give people a taste of your sense of humor. 

Whether you like scarier or more lighthearted Halloween decor, pumpkins are probably going to be a staple, no matter what you choose. 

However, you might want to think twice before buying the real fruit. The thing about pumpkins is that if you leave them out for the season, they can get rotten and totally cramp your style

While bugs and mold might be on theme, it’s not really how anyone wants to celebrate. Not to mention lugging a few of them home from the store is already a pretty daunting task. 

TikTok mom @beccatexasmom figured out a little workaround to get that real pumpkin look without breaking the bank or ending up with nasty old pumpkins. 

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The mother showed off a pumpkin patch display on her porch. There were two scarecrows and pumpkins in all different shapes and sizes. 

But she was hiding a little secret. Not only were the pumpkins fake, but she had also cut them in half. As long as you aren’t standing behind the pumpkins, you’d have no way of knowing. 

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“Buy the fake pumpkins. Cut them and half,” she advised. “Add a heavy rock behind them to hold them in place.” 

And just like that, she had a perfect fall display without breaking the bank!

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