This mom’s hilarious ‘Baroness’ parody videos go viral

This mom’s hilarious ‘Baroness’ parody videos go viral

It’s no secret that many tasks of parenting—especially with young children—can be a bit, well, tedious. There’s only so many times you can read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” before you want to rip the book to shreds, and only so many times you can hear Mama-Mama-Mama-Mama before you want to lock yourself in the bathroom with noise-canceling headphones and a true crime podcast. But we soldier on. We smile and get the snacks. We read the book ten.more.times.

But one mom has found a way to make the monotonous parts of parenting more entertaining in a very unique way—as a baroness with a British accent that rivals the characters on “Downton Abbey.”

Alli Hurley shares her videos on TikTok at @allimhurley, with a playlist devoted to The Baroness.

In a recent viral video, she does a parody video on “royal affection.”

“’Tis me, your mother,” Hurley says with a British accent. “I should like to tell you that there is a small young offspring joining the family.”

Her toddler, unphased by her mother’s monarchy persona, responds in the most toddler-y way possible—by asking for a banana.

“We shall require a banana,” Hurley calls out. With no bananas available, “artistocrat” mama says she “shall speak to the butler immediately.”

After toasting their apple slices with a “cheers,” Hurley tells her toddler, “I love you. Now you may reciprocate.”

“I wuv you,” the wee lass says.

Wee lass? Who am I? Apparently, the Baroness is contagious.

In Hurley’s series of Baroness parody videos, she captures the frustrating and often nonsensical parts of parenting. For instance, in a bedtime video, Hurley explains that her toddler’s pajamas have “pockets for your feet.”

When bedtime devolves, as it always does when toddlers are involved, the Baroness—ahem, Hurley—notes, “We are departing farther and farther from our goals this evening.”

“Departing farther and farther from our goals”… if that isn’t a slogan for what parenting feels like sometimes, I don’t know what is.

After reading “Goodnight, Moon” and commenting that the “upholstery is just hideous” (it is), Hurley tries to get a handle on the situation and tells her child, “I think we are much better off being friends during the day.”

Isn’t that just what we’re all thinking when bedtime spirals out of control and we want this little creature we love more than anything to stop talking and close their eyes? Of course it is. But somehow it sounds better in the voice of a British aristocrat though.

“Do send help,” Hurley pleads.

As have we all.