Mom-to-be faces backlash over her aunt’s surprise pregnancy announcement: ‘I don’t want to be jealous’

A pregnant woman is upset that her pregnant aunt is getting all of the attention.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to share her story. Her favorite aunt, Helene, had struggled to conceive for 17 years. When the Reddit poster became pregnant, miraculously and not long after, so did Helene. Now the family’s attention is on Helene’s baby instead of the Redditor’s.

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“So I (25f) am pregnant with my first child and it is going to be a girl,” the Redditor wrote. “At first it was great, because I’m one of so many girls in my family and it’s like for the first time, the attention was one and it felt nice. My grandpa started showering me with gifts, grandma started makings tuff for her new great-granddaughter, my mom and I finally got to spend time together alone after so long. But, a bit ago my aunt Helene revealed that she was finally pregnant after seventeen years of trying and that it’s a boy. I’m a girl, I only have sisters, all my cousins are girls, I only have nieces and my grandparents only had girls. So I get that they’re excited that Helene is having a boy because it’s literally the first boy in our immediate family.

“Ever since then, all the attention has been on Helene. My grandpa has been so excited, he’s said there’s ‘going to be another man in the family’ and he’s going to be his special grandchild – that hurt extra cause I always thought I was his favourite. My grandma literally stopped making stuff for my baby to make stuff for my aunt’s baby and has already made like twice the amount of things. My mom is like attached to my aunt and hasn’t even asked me how I’m doing. My sisters and cousins threw a huge party for Helene celebrating her pregnancy.

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“I don’t want to be jealous of Helene. She’s my favourite aunt and before she got pregnant was really involved. She used to walk me to school, pick me up after, play with me when I was a kid, teach me everything and was like the mom I wanted. I’m happy she’s finally having a kid, I just wish it didn’t turn me and mine into an afterthought.

“Yesterday my cousin came over and pretty much the whole family is pitching in to help Helen buy an Escalade. I got into an argument with her that nobody is paying even a fraction of this attention to me, so why should I contribute. my cousin called me out on being jealous and left. Since then, I’ve gotten a call from my sister berating me and my mom pretty much said that Helene’s pregnancy is the most important event in the fam and I need to be grateful to her. I talked to grandpa and he said just ignore them and contribute and everyone feels differently.”

Redditors had mixed feelings about the situation.

“You are just ruining what could have been an amazing double journey,” someone wrote.

“Honestly, you sound entitled and whiney. But based on the behavior you are describing, I assume your family made you that way,” another commented.

“You’re entitled to your feelings, but you don’t get to control whatever else happens. This woman has been trying for 17 years,” a person added.

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