Mom captures her kids’ annual ‘Yes Day’ in fun-filled TikTok

This mom on TikTok gave her children a “Yes Day,” where she had to say “yes” to whatever they asked for that day, and viewers felt second-hand joy from the fun-filled holiday.

While it can be necessary for parents to lay down the rules and deploy the dreaded “no,” to their children, switching things up every now and then is also important, as this video from TikToker and parent Shannon (@livingwithlady) illustrates. For a fun departure from the family’s usual routine, Shannon threw her kids a “Yes Day,” where they had free rein to do whatever they wanted within set parameters, and she had the duty of indulging them for the entire day.

The “Yes Day” commences at the beginning of the clip with a shot of one of Shannon’s sons slowly making his way down the stairs as he clutches his blanket. For their “Yes Day,” the kids have a total budget of $100 they can use for whatever they choose.

After lots of free hugs from mom, it’s time for them to choose her outfit for the day. Just when Shannon thinks her kids picked out a decent ensemble, they decide to throw in a Flash mask.

Dressing up in their dad’s clothing is followed by a $12.94 breakfast of donuts and juice, leaving $87.06 to spend for the rest of the day. Two $1 prizes from the gumball machine at the grocery store are followed by a coffee run for Shannon.

With just $1,000 and one day, this Harlem bedroom gets a brand new look:

An afternoon of geocaching and some playground time precedes a dollar store visit, followed by a trip to the movies, complete with popcorn and snacks.

A round of fluorescent mini golf and arcade games is the perfect palette cleanser for the kids’ breakfast-for-dinner meal before “Yes Day” draws to a close with a few games on the basketball court.

Both parents and non-parents loved the concept of a “Yes Day.”

“This is the kind of mom I strive to be! Good job,” one user complimented.

“Watching this healed me in a way I didn’t realize I needed,” shared one TikToker.

“I’m a grown adult married woman, and I want someone to do this for me,” one viewer mentioned.

Shannon’s $100 “Yes Day” investment generated a lot of priceless memories in return.

Watch this bland Brooklyn bedroom become a mid-century modern escape in just one day:

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