MMA star makes history with six-second KO

Bellator fighter Mike Kimbel has produced a stunning six-second knockout in his bantamweight fight against Alex Potts.

The MMA star’s feat made its way into the record books, equalling Hector Lombard’s knockout of Jay Silva 18 years prior.

“Oh s***, that fast?” Kimbel asked the promoter after the fight.

Mike Kimbel has produced an insane six-second knockout. Pic: Bellator/MMA

The 21-year-old absolutely stunned his opponent, countering his initial punch with a lethal one of his own.

Kimbel’s whack sent Potts to the canvas, and he followed it up with a brutal barrage of hammer fists before the referee got involved.

The six-second victory was sensational as Kimbel announced himself as a real prospect to the promotion.

But he also revealed he’s got quite a personality to accompany his fight game, after his bizarre post-fight interview:

“When I got the call for Alex Potts, I looked him up and he was undefeated,” Kimbel said.

Kimbel says he received a call from Conor McGregor the night before his incredible feat. Pic: Getty

“One thing about New England, 5-0 for an amateur is pretty damn good because we got some of the hardest amateur competition here.

“I didn’t take him lightly…I took him as a 6-0 veteran.

“I trained hard, I did things different, I dieted more.

“Usually I eat skittles about two weeks before the fight, I didn’t eat no skittles.

“I haven’t had sex in a month, so I took him very serious.”

The American also revealed he received a call from none other than Conor McGregor himself the night before the fight, and it seems he has outdone his 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo at UFC 194 in 2015.