Ring caller brutally botches winner announcement - twice

Jay Busbee | Yahoo Sports

Well, this is awkward.

In the tradition of Steve Harvey’s mistaken Miss Universe winner and the Oscars’ mistaken best picture winner, we now have an MMA entry, courtesy of Alaska Fighting Championship 139.

As you can see above, the ring announcer called the right winner, then the wrong winner, then at last the right winner, one David “The Coffee Boss” Booker.

Elijah “Young Snipes” Terrell was ticked, and rightfully so, but then again, he was a unanimous loser according to the judges.

He got it wrong twice! Image: UFC

'Fightful', however, scored the fight unanimously in Terrell’s advantage, so this was clearly a little closer than the score would indicate.

Anyway, two points: One, “The Coffee Boss” is a hell of a nickname. Two, make sure you don’t ever make a mistake in your life, because the Internet never forgets.

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