MLB Opening Day 2018: Scores, results, highlights, live updates, video and more

Follow the action from MLB's Opening Day with highlights, scores and more.

LIVE: MLB Opening Day 2018 scores, updates

It's been a cold, five-month wait for baseball fans, but the patience has finally paid off. It's Opening Day.

For those following closely, there's been a new level of anticipation for this season's first official day of baseball. Not only is the March 29 start date the earliest MLB opener in history, all 30 teams will start on the exact same day for the first time since 1968 (minus the Reds and Nationals, whose Thursday game was postponed due to weather).

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With more than your average amount of MLB action happening throughout the day, it might be tough to keep up with everything that happens from the web gems, to the homers, to the bloopers.

Luckily, Sporting News has you covered on all of Opening Day with the best highlights, hilarious moments and more.

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MLB Opening Day 2018 results, highlights

2:53 p.m.: Adrian Gonzalez sighting!

2:49 p.m.: Sporting News MLB editor Jason Foster is down in Atlanta for Opening Day. Give him a follow, will you?

2:45 p.m.: Hey all. It's Ryan Fagan, and I'm taking over for guru Joe for a half-hour of so.

In case you missed it, Shohei Ohtani is in the Angels' lineup today, batting eighth as the DH.

2:38: Those rings belong in a museum.

2:27: The Cardinals catch up to the Mets at 3 apiece off an RBI single from Jose Martinez.

2:16: The Cubs are in a dogfight with…

the Marlins?

2:10: Everyone relax.

1:57: The Adventures of Kyle Schwarber and Left Field.

1:56: Interesting nugget:

1:51: Cubs fans sure missed this swing.

1:40: Aaaaand Noah Syndergaard gives up a two-run dinger to Yadier Molina. It's 2-1 Cardinals.

1:32: Mets take a 1-0 lead on a bad throwing error. Brandon Nimmo comes around to score.

1:30: Mets are threatening: First and second one out, bottom of the first inning.

1:20: Over in Flushing, Noah Syndergaard works an easy 1-2-3 first inning, including touching 99 mph to put away Dexter Fowler. Thor is ready.

1:15: The Marlins scored a run! The Marlins scored a run!

1:10: No caption needed.

1:04: The Marlins, everyone.

12:54: Here it is, your first dinger of the season.

12:53: "I've made a huge mistake."

12:45: IT BEGINS!


12:11: Everything that's old is new again. It's Opening Day, everyone. I'm so glad you could be here with us.

Before today's early slate of games, read up on one of the biggest storylines of the offseason: Shohei Ohtani.