'Some of our mistakes were terrible'

Gary O'Neil watches from his seat in the stands
[Getty Images]

Wolves manager Gary O'Neil to BBC's Match of the Day: "We helped them, we did help them. They are obviously an incredible side and they punished us for mistakes, but some of our mistakes were terrible.

A couple of ridiculous turnovers for the ball, like really bad that cost us and the first goal. The officials don't make any difference to the result today, but I don't agree with the awarding of the first penalty.

I thought it was a pretty bad decision. You see a coming together like that all of the time. I think Gvardiol's motion and follow through creates the contact as much as Rayan. I'm not sure what Rayan is meant to do, you can't disappear at that moment.

I was disappointed with the awarding of the first one, but then more disappointed with sort of the mistakes my own team make, so we just made it a bit too easy for Manchester City.

On being in the stands due to a touchline ban: "I would say it impacts how quickly we're able to get stuff on so it's hopefully something I don't repeat and hopefully, I get to spend the rest of my managerial career down on the touchline and be able to help the players.

It didn't have much impact on the game, but it would have been nice to be down there and move things around a little bit quicker but we need to dust ourselves down."