Mistakes to avoid in your fantasy football draft

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Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens go through some of the most common mistakes fantasy football managers make while drafting their team (such as paying attention to bye weeks) and explain how you can avoid them.

02:20 Draft off of tiers

07:40 MISTAKE / Caring about bye weeks

11:45 MISTAKE / Reaching for a player

17:00 MISTAKE / Drafting a backup RB

22:50 MISTAKE / Not focusing on player archetypes

27:10 MISTAKE / Focusing on strength of schedule

31:25 MISTAKE / Getting your feelings hurt

35:45 MISTAKE / Saving your money (Salary cap leagues)

40:00 MISTAKE / Hanging on to a player for too long

45:45 MISTAKE / Ignoring what the teams around you need

50:30 MISTAKE / Giving a damn about your draft grade

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