Millie Bobby Brown's Netflix hit Damsel featured her sister in a cameo role

millie bobby brown as elodie, damsel
Millie Bobby Brown's Damsel featured sister cameoNetflix

Millie Bobby Brown's new Netflix movie Damsel featured her sister in a cameo role.

The fantasy movie, which was released earlier this month, sees the Stranger Things star take on the role of Elodie, who agrees the marry a handsome prince only to learn there are sinister reasons behind the request.

Millie has now revealed that her younger sister Ava had a cameo role in the movie as Cora, as Netflix shared a clip of the siblings together on set.

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"This is Cora, Ava Brown, sister," Millie reveals to viewers. "How does it feel to shoot with me, Ava?"

However, Ava seems less impressed, declaring: "I was mostly here for the horse."

"Yeah, no, for sure… that's what I was thinking," Millie quips. "I was like, 'the horse is here!' Just not about us as sisters filming together."

Damsel is already a big hit on Netflix, becoming the most-watched movie on the platform over the past week with 50.8 million views.

millie bobby brown as elodie, damsel

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Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo previously praised Millie, telling Total Film: "She was exceptional. She understood that this needed to be an extreme survival experience. And in order to make that believable, you have to convey suffering and pain."

In Digital Spy's three-star review, we said: "At its core, the movie is gunning for a sort of consumable female empowerment, not only through Elodie's adventure but also by shining a light on the young women who were sacrificed before her. The critical help she inherits from them is translated into a collective victory for all.

"A broad-brush approach, yes, but there's nothing wrong with some basic feminism on your fun weekend watch."

Damsel is available to watch now on Netflix.

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