Is Millie Bobby Brown's Damsel getting a sequel?

damsel 2 sequel
Is Damsel getting a sequel?Netflix

If you've been scrolling on Netflix lately, chances are your home screen has surfaced the streaming giant's latest original movie, Damsel, and you're now wondering if there's going to be a sequel to the fantasy drama.

Starring Millie Bobby Brown – AKA the queen of Netflix (Stranger Things, Enola Holmes need I say more?) – the film turns every classic fairytale trope you know on its head, with a princess marrying a wealthy prince only to find out she's a sacrifice to repay an ancient debt.

If the movie didn't fill your twisted fantasy hankering and you're looking for another fix, then look no further because here is everything we know about the potential for sequel to Damsel.

Will there be a Damsel 2?

So, we've got good news and (sort of) bad news. The bad news is that no Damsel sequel has been officially confirmed by Netflix as of yet, but the good news is it seems like the team behind the movie is already thinking about doing another movie!

Damsel director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo addressed the possibility of a sequel while on the Inside Total Film podcast, and said while the decision will largely depend on how audiences react to the original movie, he said he'd be "so happy" to make a second movie because "the universe of Damsel is really open."

Reviews of the movie have been solid and the audience score is 74 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty promising. (But also, if Netflix can make roughly 50 Christmas Prince sequels, then surely we can get one itty bitty little Damsel sequel, right?!)

What would Damsel 2 be about?

There's not one happening just yet, so nothing is set in stone. But, based on the way Damsel ended, we can make a few guesses. If you haven't seen the movie yet, consider this your official spoiler warning!

At the end of Damsel, Elodie saved her sister, Floria, from the dragon by wounding the beast and, while she was down, telling her she's been tricked by the royals for years through a ritual where Queen Isabelle's mixed her blood with that of young women who married into their family, to fool the dragon into thinking she was slaying Aurea princesses.

damsel millie bobby brown as elodie in damsel cr netflix

Elodie — with the dragon in tow and now on her side — then crashed a royal wedding, told the family's latest victim to run, and watched as the dragon promptly burned down the palace filled with all the royals.

Later, Elodie told her stepmother, Lady Bayford, that they'll run the kingdom together and they, along with Floria, set sail on a boat with the dragon flying beside them. So, this sets the groundwork for Damsel 2, where we'd hopefully see Elodie, Floria, and Lady Bayford figuring how to run a kingdom!

Who would be the cast of Damsel 2?

So, a lot of the characters were killed off at the end of Damsel, which means (save for some wildly unexpected plot twist) they almost certainly wouldn't be coming back for the sequel.

That means no more Robin Wright (who played Queen Isabelle) or Nick Robinson (who played Prince Henry). Who fans likely could count on returning is of course Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie, Angela Bassett as Lady Bayford, and Brooke Carter as Floria.

damsel 2 sequel

When would Damsel 2 be released?

It would take at least year or two for a sequel to come out, realistically. For the original movie, casting and pre-production started as early as 2020, with filming taking place in early 2022.

By the time the movie released in March 2024, it was almost a four-year-long process in total (though, it should be said there was an entire global pandemic and writer and actor strikes during that time, undoubtedly lengthening the process).

We can only hope that if there's enough interest in a sequel, Netflix will fast-track the production!

Damsel is streaming on Netflix.

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