How might Liverpool style evolve if Alonso succeeds Klopp?

Xabi Alonso looks on from the touchline
Xabi Alonso looks on from the touchline

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher says his ex-Reds team-mate Xabi Alonso is "looking like the brightest young thing out there as a manager".

But how might things change at Anfield if the Spaniard, who is reported to be one of the contenders to succeed Jurgen Klopp at the end of the season, is appointed as Liverpool boss?

In a feature on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football programme, Carragher highlighted how Alonso's Bayer Leverkusen compare with the other top sides across Europe.

Leverkusen are five points clear at the top of Germany's Bundesliga and are still unbeaten after 21 matches. Across the 96 teams in Europe's major five leagues (in England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy), Leverkusen are top of the list for the number of passes and short passes per game, have the highest percentage of passes that are short, and also create the largest number of high turnovers per game.

Carragher said: "For Leverkusen to be top of anything is pretty special. What stands out for me is the amount of short passes. That is probably not exactly what Liverpool are right now under Jurgen Klopp, it's more reminiscent of what we see of a Pep Guardiola team. We know watching Liverpool that they're a more direct team, they go faster and use counter attacks more."

Carragher said he thought Alonso will eventually become manager at Anfield and, if that happened, he would expect to see an Alonso-led Liverpool find a middle ground between his tactics at Leverkusen and those currently employed by Klopp.

He added: "He [Alonso] has to have his own philosophy and put his imprint in the team, but also this team is so used to playing in a certain way under Jurgen Klopp. And also Anfield - the crowd, the energy - Xabi Alonso knows that, so I actually think you'd see a merger of the two styles if he was to get the job.

"But there's no doubt for me, right now he's looking like the brightest young thing out there as a manager."