Michael Zerafa launches protest after controversial ninth round intervention

Michael Zerafa's camp has decided to lodge a protest following his controversial boxing loss to Jeff Horn in Brisbane.

Zerafa dropped a majority points decision in their brutal and bloody middleweight rematch on Wednesday night.

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The Victorian and his team felt referee John Cauci should have stopped the bout in the ninth round to spare Horn further punishment.

They also thought the referee's decision to briefly halt the contest to have Horn's cut examined by the doctor was unwarranted intervention which influenced the outcome.

Jeff Horn is congratulated by Michael Zerafa after their during the middleweight bout between Jeff Horn and Michael Zerafa in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

After consultation with their lawyer, Zerafa's campaign Friday confirmed they would protest the result.

"As a team we've sat down watched and re-watched the fight and we have some concerns about a number of things that happened during the fight that shouldn't have," said Zerafa's co-manager Brendan Bourke.

"If the calls to my phone since the fight are anything to go by, these concerns aren't limited to me or the team.

"Many people in the boxing community have contacted me and have raised the same issues.

"I don't propose to go into detail at this stage. We have more than a week before we lodge the protest and we want this to be dealt with properly and we want it dealt with it respectfully to both Michael and Jeff."

Zerafa’s manager thought it was unnecessary for the referee to intervene in the ninth round.

"I just thought it was completely unnecessary for the referee to get in the way," Zerafa's manager Brendan Bourke said.

"Michael had Jeff out completely, his corner about to throw in the towel, the referee should have just stopped the fight, he cannot go and give him a break.”

Horn's victory avenged his stoppage loss to Zerafa in Bendigo in August.