Michael Thomas

Fearless Forecast: 1033 TOTAL YDS, 86 REC, 6 TD
Projected Rank: 37

Video transcript


MATT HARMON: It's great to see Michael Thomas back out there. He got off the PUP list. He's starting to run some routes a little bit in Saints training camp. That's awesome to see. I mean, it's been forever, pretty much, since we've seen Michael Thomas. It's really been a long time since we've seen him at the height of his power. So I'm still treating him kind of as a big unknown. I'm not going to get super bullish on Michael Thomas this year. Obviously, I'll continue to push him up the ranks if the health continues to check out.

I will say this about Michael Thomas this year. I know there's some worry about him fitting in without Drew Brees there because he's Slant Boy, he only wins on short routes. Jameis Winston is much more of a vertical ball thrower. I actually think that that fits not so bad. I think a lot of Michael Thomas's low average depth of target, the high targets on slant routes, I think that had a lot more to do with Drew Brees's severely declining arm in 2019 and 2018 than it did Michael Thomas's skill set.

But again, it's just been so long since we've seen Michael Thomas. He's one of the most high upside, but high risk players right now that's going outside the top 30 receivers. I'm going to be kind of cautiously optimistic, cautiously approaching Michael Thomas this year. Because I like Chris Olave. They added Jarvis Landry. That target competition is going to be much more legit than Michael Thomas's record-breaking season when Alvin Kamara and Jared Cook were the top two targeted players behind Michael Thomas. And their combined target totals didn't even equal Michael Thomas's 185 from that year.

So a lot of things have changed for Michael Thomas. I do think he's a risky bet, but we obviously know that the upside is there. Because he is-- if he is able to get all the way back, even like 90% of his former self, he is a great receiver. Right now, I've got him just over 80 catches, right at 1,000 yards, and he's my wide receiver 37.

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