Michael Bracewell's unfortunate runout for New Zealand against England

Kiwi batter Michael Bracewell was left with egg on his face after failiong to ground his bat and subsequently being run-out against England. CREDIT: BT Sport

Video transcript

- And if possible, give you a split screen as well here. Yeah, nice and slow. Nice and slow. Nice and slow. Still in there. There's the slot. I made my decision on the big screen.

- Well, talk about a wicket being manufactured out of nowhere. It should never be the case, if you're New Zealand, but it is. And folks, well, you can say casual, clever. He was aware. He had a go and it's worked.

Bracewell for too casual.

- It's a great throw from Ben Stokes because there's some energy behind the throw. Look how casual Foakes is, pretending that he's not interested. It's a horrible piece of cricket for Michael Bracewell. Really is amateur hour. High fives for Stokes and England.

Bracewell goes. He won't want to see the replay of that. Gone for 8 and it's 478 for 7.