Mercedes reveals first use of F1's MGU-H in road cars

Jonathan Noble

The MGU-H, which converts hot exhaust gases in to electric energy, has proven to be the most challenging element of F1's turbo hybrid power units since they arrived in 2014.

The headaches it has caused some manufacturers to get on top of the technology, allied to the costs of doing so, have led to several pushes to try to rid the sport of it for the long term.

But Mercedes, which has won every championship during the turbo hybrid era, has long argued about the knowledge benefits to the automotive industry that have come from pushing the concept – and it has now proven it by declaring that its ideas are trickling down to road cars.

The understanding that has come from the MGU-H is to be applied in a new electric exhaust gas turbocharger, which is in the final development stages before it will be added to new production models from AMG-Mercedes.

Mercedes-AMG electric exhaust

Mercedes-AMG electric exhaust Mercedes AMG

Mercedes AMG