Melissa Rivers Says Joan Rivers 'Would Die' if She Knew She's Getting Married Again, But 'Would Like the Ring'

The TV personality opened up to PEOPLE about her engagement to fiancé Steve Mitchel

D Dipasupil/FilmMagic Melissa and Joan Rivers
D Dipasupil/FilmMagic Melissa and Joan Rivers

Melissa Rivers is still having a laugh with her late mother Joan Rivers.

The actress and TV host, who is set to marry fiancé Steve Mitchel, jokingly tells PEOPLE in this week's issue that Joan — famous for her biting wit — "would die" knowing her daughter is heading down the aisle again.

"If she wasn't already dead, she would die. Finding out that I am getting married again, that news would've killed her," Melissa, 55, says of the comedy icon, who died in 2014 at the age of 81.

Asked why she's so sure her mother would disapprove, Melissa explains, "Just because I was so adamant that I would never do it again. And she understood why I felt that way, and finding that out would probably kill her."

Melissa was previously married to John Endicott from 1998 to 2003. The pair shares a 23-year-old son, Cooper.

Noam Galai/WireImage Melissa and Joan Rivers
Noam Galai/WireImage Melissa and Joan Rivers

While Joan may not have been thrilled about her daughter marrying again, Melissa is certain she'd be a fan of the diamond sparkler that Mitchel gave her. "She would've really very much liked the ring," she says, before quickly adding, "Of course, she would've liked it to be bigger. But she would like the ring."

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The former Fashion Police host says she wishes she could tell her mom all about Mitchel, who is an attorney, and how happy he makes her.

"What would I tell her about Steve?" she ponders. "He's kind. He's generous, well-mannered. He gets me. And not just gets me — he enjoys who I am and the real me."

She adds of Joan, "I think she would very much like him," especially as her mom was all about good manners.

"She would appreciate [that Mitchel's] very much a gentleman," Melissa explains, offering an example. "Even a year and a half, almost two years in, he still opens the car door."

<p>Melissa Rivers</p> Melissa Rivers and fiancé Steve Mitchel; Melissa Rivers' ring

Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers and fiancé Steve Mitchel; Melissa Rivers' ring

In thinking about her mother, Melissa tells PEOPLE there is so much more she'd like to share with her if she could.

"I would tell her that it's taken me a minute, but I've found my own voice. I would tell her I'm in a good place. And then Cooper's good, and I'm happy. I'm okay," she says.

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Melissa first opened up to PEOPLE about her engagement back in November. “It’s a big step for both of us and I’m still in complete and total shock, even a month later, but beyond happy,” she said at the time, sharing that Mitchel popped the question during a vacation in Mexico.

She also spoke about her surprising change of heart after previously vowing never to marry again. "It’s something that I never believed in my heart of hearts that I would ever do. But, apparently hell freezes over and pigs do fly,” she joked.

As for the wedding, the couple is taking a relaxed approach — and Melissa envisions a much more low-key affair this time around.

“We’re taking baby steps. We haven’t planned anything yet," Melissa told PEOPLE. "If we do a ceremony and party I can’t imagine it being any time before 2025. I can guarantee it will be nothing like my first wedding or anything on that level.”

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