Jogger caught out in 'dirty' act in Melbourne garden

A jogger has been labelled a “dirty b*****d” after he was captured on a security camera defecating in a community garden during an early morning expedition in Melbourne.

The brazen act was captured by cameras installed by Albert Park local Shayne Whiteley, who condemned the “poo jogger” when he uploaded the damning footage to Twitter on Wednesday.

“To top my ‘crap’ morning off, some dirty b*****d poo jogger [poos] on my freshly planted iso garden,” Mr Whiteley wrote on the social media site.

He added in another tweet that the individual appeared to have not washed his hands after squatting in the community garden next to his home at 6.49am that morning.

The man is seen crouched at the base of a large tree inside the community garden. Source: Twitter/newsheli
The man is seen crouched at the base of a large tree inside the community garden. Source: Twitter/newsheli

The video showed the man using his phone briefly before placing it and his drink bottle on the ground, unfastening his trousers and backing himself into the base of a large plant.

He then crouched briefly before swiftly hoisting his pants back up and exiting the garden, leaving his excrement behind.

The man appeared to quickly glance over at his makeshift loo before leaving the scene in the same direction he came.

Mr Whiteley said there were public bathrooms just across the road, further begging the question of why the man sought out that particular location.

The man has become the latest in a string of active individuals to be captured defecating somewhere other than a toilet.

Publicist Roxy Jacenko last year exposed a female poo jogger in security footage who had on several occasions left stools in the street outside her Sydney PR business.

“What an absolute disgrace you are, doing this in our residential street where we have a primary school and multiple residences. What has the world come to,” Ms Jacenko wrote on her Instagram.

A mystery “human pooer” was also called out by a resident in Sydney’s Inner West in April, who displayed a sign asking them to “stop sh***ing on our garage”.

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