'That shouldn't happen': Freak stump mic moment stuns cricket world

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

India were left to rue their rotten luck in the T20 tri-series final against Australia on Wednesday, when an attempted run-out that would have dismissed Australia’s Meg Lanning bounced off the stump-mic housing.

Lanning had been slow to get off the mark after fending off a tricky ball, and looked gone for all money as India’s Shikha Pandey closed in.

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Instead, the ball bounced erratically off the stump mic housing at the non-striker’s end, careening into the outfield and giving Lanning a second chance.

Upon realising her second chance, Lanning got up after diving for the crease and ran a second - a move former Australian batsman Brad Hodge described on commentary as ‘cheeky’.

“Very cheeky from the skipper,” Hodge said.

“That’s an interesting one.

Australian captain Meg Lanning got luck when what should have been an easy run-out deflected off the stump mic housing, sparing her wicket. Picture: Cricket Network

“It looks like it’s going to hit. It actually deviates to the right.

“That shouldn’t happen on the cricket field.”

Top women’s player Elyse Villani also weighed in, wondering aloud whether Lanning should have taken the second run.

Villani said it was a question of the spirit of cricket.

“That is where the spirit of cricket comes in as well because you know that when someone has a shot at the stumps and it hits any part of the batter the batter generally doesn’t run again,” she said.

“There’s always a scenario if you need another one to win in a World Cup final, do you (run to) win?”

The cricketing anomaly sparked debate on social media as to whether Lanning should have taken the second run, or even if she should have walked.

Lanning runs out of luck

India’s bad luck wasn’t the be-all and end-all for the visitors, with Lanning dismissed for 26 the next over.

Ellyse Perry could only add one run after winning the Belinda Clark award earlier in the week, while the Aussies finished their 20 overs with 6/155.