Mean Girls' head of marketing explains why it wasn't marketed as a musical

Mean Girls is back in cinemas. But this isn't the 2004 classic teen comedy with Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. It's a movie adaptation of the stage musical retelling.

Not that you'd necessarily know that from the film's trailers, though. The promos only featured brief glimpses of singing and dancing, and made the film out to be a straight comedy like the original was (leading many to label it a remake).

Some viewers have shared their confusion over why it wasn't marketed as a musical on social media, and Paramount's president of global marketing and distribution Marc Weinstock has now spoken to Variety about the intentional way the studio promoted it.

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"We didn't want to run out and say it's a musical because people tend to treat musicals differently," he said.

"This movie is a broad comedy with music. Yes, it could be considered a musical but it appeals to a larger audience. You can see in [trailers for] Wonka and The Color Purple, they don’t say musical either."

He continued: "We have a musical note on the title, so there are hints to it without being overbearing."

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Weinstock also talked about how the initial 'This is not your mother's Mean Girls' tagline also backfired a little bit, stating: "People kind of misconstrued it and took offense. All we meant to say was that it's a new twist.

"People took it literally. 'What do you mean? I’m not a mom!' We moved away from that and toward 'A new twist from Tina Fey.'

"It’s her vision, and it’s fantastic."

Mean Girls is in cinemas now.

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