McGuire in hot water for dropping c-word on live television


Football commentator Eddie McGuire has responded after being called out for using a highly offensive word on live television.

Big Week In Footy co-host McGuire was chatting with Port Adelaide star Kane Cornes about his post match rub downs when he said: "You might need two rubs downs being an old c***".

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to express their surprise and outrage.

Benjamin Thomas wrote: "It's a Big Week in Footy when Eddie drops the C-bomb on live TV #bigweekinfooty".

Some users even suggested McGuire may need more censorship. "I don't think #EdandDermie should do live TV without the 7 second delay button. #bigweekinfooty," NKokoris wrote.

Cornes, however, took the slur in his stride tweeting: "I know I don't play for Collingwood Eddie but old c*** is a bit harsh! Got a good laugh out of that."

McGuire laughed off the incident on his Melbourne radio show. He told Triple M listeners on Monday morning that his comment was not what it sounded like and that he called Cornes to explain his actions.

"I sent Kane a message last night I said 'Thanks for doing the live cross, I think I might have called you and old C when I meant an old campaigner. You and I might be YouTube sensations tomorrow'." McGuire said.

It's not the first time McGuire, the president of the Collingwood Football Club and breakfast host on Triple M Melbourne, has made a blooper on air.

In May last year, McGuire suggested on his radio show that Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes be used to promote the musical King Kong just days after the AFL football star was racially abused by a Magpies supporter during an AFL match at the MCG.

He later apologised.