Maya Jama's new bouffant bob haircut made me audibly gasp

Maya Jama's new bouffant bob haircut made me audibly gasp

The 2024 bob brigade is well underway with celebrities flocking to the trend like flies to shi... or however that saying goes... And the latest star to jump onto the bandwagon is none other than Maya Jama.

Over the weekend, the Love Island host appeared on the Comic Relief TV show with a brand new haircut and now, she's taken to Instagram to show off her new lengths with a number of images. As shown below, Maya has gone from having below-chest-length hair to a short above-the-shoulder bob – aka, a lob (read: long bob) of sorts.

However, insinuating that this cut is a fleeting experiment, Maya wrote "Temporary bob flow 💁🏽♀️," in the caption of her post.

Is this a wig or is she planning to add hip-skimming extensions into her locks? I guess only time will tell!

Maya's go-to hairstylist and long-time friend, Patrick Wilson was the genius behind the look, opting to style the presenter's new cut in soft bouffant curls. But did you know that this Old Hollywood-esque style is reminiscent of the 1960s thanks to the world's first celebrity hairdresser, Kenneth Everette Battelle?

Known by the vintage hairstyling world as Mr. Kenneth or most often just called Kenneth, the beauty professional styled the most iconic women of the 50s and 60s including powerhouses Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe – who both were bouffant bob regulars.

So, while we're not 100 per cent sure whether this look in particular is Maya's natural hair length or whether it has been achieved via a wig, there's no denying that the bouffant bob reigns supreme today.

Name another hairstyle that can stand the test of time like the bouffant bob, I'll wait.

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