‘The Maury Povich Show’ Parody Comes To ‘SNL’, With A Twist Ending

Saturday Night Live‘s “Home Movies” sketch last night reminded us that Maury is the longest-running daytime talk show with a single host in American history.

That means that there’s some history involved in a show where the catchphrase “You are not the father” became a benediction for wayward men.

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SNL relived that moment, as a family discovers an old tape titled “Big Announcement.” It is the day Ray (Mikey Day) discovered he was going to be father.

What’s soon apparent is that this was discovered not in an intimate family moment, but on the tawdry “Corey” show, a “Maury” imitator. But the premise is the same – we find out who exactly is the sire of a six-month-old baby.

Guest host Dakota Johnson plays mom Amber, a one-time wild child. Hilarity ensues as Ray denies parenthood, the low-brow audience cheers on the depravity, and another prospective father, Spooky (Marcello Hernandez) appears on the scene. It turns out that he was sleeping with the mother of Amber as well.

Then, the moment of truth arrives, capped with a flash forward to today.

Watch it all unfold above.

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