Matt Willis Fighting Addiction viewers brand documentary ‘the most powerful thing they’ve watched in years’

Matt Willis leaves viewers in tears over ‘powerful’ BBC documentary (PA Media)
Matt Willis leaves viewers in tears over ‘powerful’ BBC documentary (PA Media)

Matt Willis’ emotional documentary on his battles with addiction has been praised by viewers as after it aired on Wednesday night.

The BBC’s Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction saw the British musician detail his recovery overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction.

Viewers watched as Willis’ TV presenter wife Emma was left visibly upset as she shared her fears that he could relapse while on tour with Busted after it was announced that the band would reunite for a run of concerts later this year.

Willis, who has been through rehab four times in the last two decades, relapsed during Busted’s 2016 reunion tour when his youngest daughter Trixie was just ten months old.

Matt and wife Emma in the BBC documentary (BBC)
Matt and wife Emma in the BBC documentary (BBC)

Within a month of being offered a single line of the class A substance, Willis, who had been sober for eight years, revealed he was taking cocaine daily in his recording studio and was telling his wife he was busy writing a new album.

Speaking to the camera, The Voice host said: “Matt’s always had issues but they seem to really kick in when he’s on tour.

“I know he doesn’t wanna be that person but is his brain going to trick him and go, ‘just one more time, no one will know. That’s the worry.”

In the documentary, Willis revealed how he couldn’t get to lunchtime without drugs or alcohol in his early twenties.

Many viewers praised the pair for their candour about the realities of addiction on social media, with one viewer saying the documentary was “the most powerful thing they’ve watched in years.”

One viewer tweeted: “Raw. Honest. So many wow moments and overall learning about addiction and associated medical facts and its impact.”

“Sad, uplifting, upsetting, inspiring. Emma Willis is remarkable woman,” another commented.

“And I really hope Matt Willis is able to stay sober with her undying love and help. They come across as a lovely couple.”

A third added: “Respect, strength and love to #emmawillis #mattwillis #fightingaddiction beautiful souls. This will save so many addicts in the same position. Thank you, big love.”

“What a great program Matt Willis telling his story and struggles with addiction he and many people are going through and their families,” a viewer wrote.

“I hope this helps people to understand more and get help if possible. It’s not their fault.”

If you have been affected by this story, Frank offers confidential advice about drugs and addiction via email, message 82111 or call 0300 123 6600.