Marvel fans think Deadpool 3 trailer features Doctor Doom

deadpool and wolverine teaser
MCU fans think Deadpool 3 trailer features Dr DoomMarvel Studios

Speculation on Deadpool & Wolverine has started since the teaser trailer debuted last night (February 11), with some fans swearing they spotted Doctor Doom in the clip.

Premiered during the Super Bowl, the teaser for the threequel sees Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson officially joining the MCU and getting a little drunk on power, referring to himself as "Marvel Jesus".

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment (at the 1:47-minute mark in the video at the top of the article), a hooded figure in a mask bears a striking resemblance to the supervillain also known as Dr Victor Von Doom.

doctor doom, deadpool and wolverine trailer
Marvel Studios

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Whilst the news of Doctor Doom appearing in Deadpool 3 hasn't been confirmed by Marvel Studios, a fleeting appearance from the mystery masked soldier was enough to get fans talking on social media.

"Somebody answer me ?!!!!! IS THIS DOCTOR DOOM?????!!!!!" one person asked on Twitter/X, while another predicted having a visceral reaction if Doctor Doom were to actually show up, writing: "If they introduce Doctor Doom in Deadpool 3, I will cry in that theater".

deadpool 3 trailer grab with wolverine shadow
Marvel Studios

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Meanwhile, some eagle-eyed viewers clocked a Secret Wars comic towards the end of the trailer, right when a battered Merc with a Mouth teams up with Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman who is returning in the role for the first time since the critically acclaimed Logan.

"Holy shit, Secret Wars comic spotted in Deadpool trailer," one person commented, zooming in on the ripped volume lying next to Reynolds' foulmouthed antihero.

The trailer poses many questions as to what these Easter eggs may mean, particularly as Doctor Doom has a prominent role in the Secret Wars comics that could provide the inspiration for Avengers: Secret Wars, the final film in Phase 6 of the MCU to be released in 2027.

Deadpool & Wolverine is released in UK cinemas on July 25 and in US cinemas on July 26.

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