Are Married At First Sight Australia's Maddie and Ash still together?

Are Married At First Sight Australia's Maddie and Ash still together?

We’re not ashamed to say that we’re completely hooked on this season of Married At First Sight Australia. And, if you’re like us, you might be wondering if new couple, Maddie Maxwell and Ash Galati, are still together.

We’re in full swing of the 11th season of the reality series, which sees singles get expertly-matched up to a partner they meet for the first time on their wedding day. Plus, the drama so far has been unmatched!

Maddie and Ash are the latest couple to tie the knot in the experiment and their wedding was a little bit awkward, to say the least. So, are they still together? Here’s everything we know.

Are MAFS Australia’s Maddie and Ash still together?

Maddie and Ash entered the half way through the season, with her quickly revealing her reservations about the marriage that she felt through her, um, physic abilities.

But, were they able to make it work after the altar? So, their wedding has only just aired in the UK but thanks to it airing earlier in Australia, we already know what happens for these two. Warning, spoilers below!

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Maddie and Ash are no longer together and they called it quits just two weeks after entering the experiment. At their first Commitment Ceremony, she wrote "leave" while he wrote "stay", but by the following week, they both abruptly left the show.

Later, Yahoo Lifestyle reported that there "was a lot more" behind their exit, but producers "did not want to dramatise it, and felt it was easier to let them go quickly and quietly."

An insider told the publication, "Madeleine's erratic behaviour had raised quite a few eyebrows during her first week on the show, with no one quite sure if she was acting or it was real.

"After Ash wrote to stay, she point blank said to producers she refused to carry on with the experiment and was going home."

So, that's that then!

Married At First Sight Australia continues on E4.

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