Maroons plan Hammer and Lightning raid on NSW

Queensland intend to let loose Hammer and Lightning on NSW at the MCG in a deadly duo combination set to rock State of Origin.

It sounds like something Norse god Odin might have in store for enemies in the hit TV show "Vikings".

In this instance it is the speed demon combination of Maroons centre Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow, known as "Hammer", and fullback Reece "Lightning" Walsh, who are preparing to combine in tandem in game two of the series.

Walsh was knocked out by NSW centre Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii in the seventh minute of game one. Tabuai-Fidow, now with eight tries in five Origin games, switched from centre to fullback and scored a hat-trick in a 38-10 win.

The Maroons have trained to involve Tabuai-Fidow and Walsh in attacking raids in a variety of synchronised sweeping plays. It is a card they have up their sleeve and are yet to play in this series.

Walsh skips across the field with blistering pace and links with support players. The idea is that Tabuai-Fidow will loom up and finish whatever 21-year-old Walsh creates.

"The way Reece plays, it's up tempo and fast," Tabuai-Fidow, 22, said.

"You have just got to wait and let him do his work and go off the back of that. His ball playing is good."

Brisbane fullback Walsh can't wait to link with the Dolphins flyer.

Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow of the Maroons.
Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow scored a hat-trick in game one of the series against NSW. (Dan Himbrechts/AAP PHOTOS)

"He is phenomenal with what he brings to a footy team. It is hard to go up against speed," Walsh said.

"I am just glad he is in my team and I can use his skills and back him up. I know he is going to do the same for me."

Hooker Ben Hunt said there was a key reason why stopping the dynamic duo would be easier said than done.

"Coaches always say you can't coach speed," Hunt said.

"Having those two blokes in your side gives you confidence they can produce something from nothing. It is exciting to see them playing together."

Maroons No.6 Tom Dearden sounded a further word of warning when he explained how aspects of the damage Walsh and Tabuai-Fidow can cause was impossible to prepare for.

"It will depend how the game works out but that bit is not planned. It just happens," Dearden said.

"They are both speedsters and really good support players so they will be in position to make plays and get the ball."